Add Cartoon People to Office creations


Aimee Leong, Program Manager on the Office Graphics team is excited to share this recent update. Our team is constantly adding new types of rich media to enhance your Office creations and bring your stories and presentations to life. We’re happy to announce the latest addition to our premium content library: Cartoon People in Office!

Cartoon People illustrations are a fun way to create artwork and tell stories using a diverse set of characters and scenery. Now, you can put together just about any scene you can imagine, selecting from a huge variety of elements found in the premium content libraries of Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. 





Take a look at the full blog post here.  



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What is the target rollout date? Also, since the product is identified as a "premium content library", does this mean users must pay for this artwork?

My two cents:
Many users are starting to use cartoons and avatars for service and product marketing. This feature will reduce the need to purchase stock photos, hire graphic designers for small projects, and expensive apps.

The possibility to mix and match features gives users versatility. I recommend that cartoon objects get refreshed bi-annually to prevent stagnant use with heavy creators.

Also, the Education sector will love this app. It can be used for Art Class.

Wishing the feature all the luck.