Your Family Calendar not syncing to Mac Outlook or iOS Calendar

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Late last week our shared "Your Family" calendar suddenly disappeared from all our Apple devices including a MacBook running Microsoft 365 Outlook.


After fiddling around and getting MS own Outlook app for my iPhone, I found a "Welcome to the new Your Family Group" hurrah mail from MS in some odd location dated the exact time where my wife and I suddenly lost access to our shared family calendar. It seems this "new Your Family Group" update does in practical terms just mean that all our shared calendar content is only available in NS own app, which I don't fancy using.


Two questions:

1. Is it possible to access the calendar via Mac MS Outlook with a Microsoft 365 Subscription?

2. Is there a way to export all content from the calendar and import into a traditional, old-fashioned shared calendar?


All help and tips are highly appreciated!



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