You no longer receive messages sent to Office 365 'Groups' that you are a member of

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Seems like a very recent change but if you email a group that you are a member of you no longer get the message in your own inbox.


If others email the group you get the message so you are subscribed properly and I can confirm same issue against other groups.


You can see the mesage in your Sent Items and in the Group itself.


Looks like this changed mid this week.


Anyone have same issue?

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Hi Ravin,


I agree that it should be an option, not enforced globally.


Any update on this? I can not see it also if its under development in Office 365 RoadMap






Hi Ravin,

Haven't seen any updates in a few months. We'd also greatly appreciate the ability to turn this on or off. Any word on when that might be rolled out?


Hi folks,


Thanks for patiently waiting for this change. We have this committed in our roadmap, and are actively working on coming up with the most optimal solution. Needless to say, we're trying a couple of different options and when we find the one that works the best we will add it to our Office roadmap and I would also post an ETA on this thread.




Count me in as another annoyed sysadmin affected by this. Please fix this soon. 

I not only don't receive emails I send to one of the new groups in my inbox, I don't receive messages anyone else does either, only in the group folder, not in my inbox, even though I am running Outlook 2016, latest build, and I have the Following in Inbox option on!


I can ONLY see emails in the group, not in my inbox, whether I follow the group or not! I am one of the owners of the group, and the original creator!


What's going on?

@Ravin Sachdeva wrote:

Hi folks,


Thanks for patiently waiting for this change. We have this committed in our roadmap, and are actively working on coming up with the most optimal solution. Needless to say, we're trying a couple of different options and when we find the one that works the best we will add it to our Office roadmap and I would also post an ETA on this thread.





Waiting for the feature " to receive e-mails sent to a group in Inbox, when you are part of that group"

Kindly enable this configuration under group owner settings, instead of asking every group member to configure .


To receive group e-mails in inbox instead of reading from a group folder, every member has to select 'Follow in inbox ', It would be better even if this feature could be configurable by group owner.




@Ravin Sachdeva since a year and this thread isn't resolved as you mentioned in your post.

"We are adding a switch which can be toggled by the user to start receiving their sent emails to Groups back in their inbox."

Could you please give us a solution If some office 365 group need this functionallity? 



I don't receive messages in my inbox when other people send a message to a group.  I do receive the first reply.


Doesn't seem like consistency was achieved. 

@Ravin Sachdeva- From our point of view, we think the most optimal solution is to have a global default setting that the sender of the message to the group receives a copy of the sent message -- mirroring DL behavior -- as a tenant setting (in case some tenant admins want to toggle the default off for their tenant) and additionally allow each O365 Group member to decide for themselves whether they want to opt out of receiving their own sent messages on the same screen where they opt in or out following the group.  Perhaps there could also be a tenant setting to not allow individual users to override the tenant default. Smaller tenants might prefer to have a single setting for all users. I support a larger tenant with ~100,000 users and we prefer the flexibility to let each user configure their tools and environment as much as possible to whatever the individual feels increases their productivity. When it comes to productivity apps, there is no "one size fits all."


With O365 Groups being marketed as an upgrade of Distribution Lists, every single customer I work with is confused by the current behavior of not receiving a copy and raises a support ticket with our service desk about mail delivery issues and their groups not working properly. This consumes a ton of resources that waste everyone's time and causes additional frustration when people figure out in the end that they're seeing expected behavior. On the other hand, we hardly ever receive complaints about someone receiving too much mail. People just create Inbox rules in Outlook to deal with that or just delete unwanted messages. They don't call the service desk for support.


Could you provide a link to the roadmap item for this? I'm unable to find 76175, which was mentioned by @Juan Carlos González Martín, and filtering the roadmap for updates of Office 365 Groups shows only 3 updates, none of which have anything to do with this topic. Even searching for "Office 365 Groups" doesn't show this, although it did find several other changes that weren't tagged as "Office 365 Group" items (It would be good if they were! Since O365 Groups exist as a filter, it never occurred to me before to search and I missed some of those changes in the past.)


Also, just want to add that we really appreciate the effort by Microsoft in response to feedback from customers like us to improve features of the products!

Replying because I'm also interested in this!

Hi folks, I have some great news! Thanks a lot for patiently waiting for this functionality with O365 groups. We are happy to announce that we are introducing a user setting which will allow users to start receiving their sent emails to O365 groups back in their inbox


Please refer to this link to learn how to use this feature: 


As always, we are open to more feedback on this functionality and we'd love to know what you think.

This is a welcome change! I would like it to be a globally managed setting, or at least something I can turn on for all users of groups easily. Is this possible?

@Ravin Sachdeva 


Great news, but yes, would really love to be able to do this on the administrative side as a global setting, even if this is a Powershell command that we can run.


I don't care if employees turn it back off on their own, but expected behavior when coming from Distribution Lists is to receive a copy of an email that you send to a list that you are a member of. If modern groups don't work the same way, it causes major headaches.


Any plans for admin GUI setting and Powershell options for setting these settings?




@Ravin Sachdeva 

This is not what we asked for.


We want as the global administrators to be able to set the organisation-wide default behaviour.

We want to be able to both enforce this setting, or delegate customisation down to the group owners.


The expected behaviour when emailing a group is that you receive your own message. If you don't then you are missing elements of conversations from your inbox.


Having a group mailbox is useful in many scenarios - but most users (coming from traditional DLs) only have time to grasp at the idea that these O365 groups are "DLs with a Shared Folder".  They expect it to behave thus. 


Over time they may begin to make use of the shared mailbox and other fancy features - but initially we have to make sure the move from DLs is seamless, and this requires providing the Global Admin controls to make it so.


Side note: I expect the challenge MS Devs have here is that the behaviour of the mailbox/group needs to differ between Teams and Office 365 Groups. Our requested behaviour (above) would be an insane default for a Team.

Hi Ravin,
That setting is a good start, but as others say we really just want it as a company wide toggle - and then a per group setting to override the company wide default.

I'd rather see the reverse - users get their own emails just like a normal DL, but have a toggle to turn it off if they want.

Hope this feedback is taken on board :)

@Ravin Sachdeva 


I would like to provide a use-case for elevating this fix to a high priority. It appears, from our experience and testing, that now users will also not receive replies made to any calendar items that they have created. For instance, I created a meeting request for a group-wide meeting. This morning, our CEO replied to the email that was sent out for that meeting request, announcing that the meeting would be moved. I did not receive this response in my inbox, even though I am following this group. By changing the behavior so that appointment originators no longer receive a copy of the email, it appears that they will also not receive follow-up messages as well, which can create dangerous situations where important information is not being relayed to the necessary parties.

@Ravin Sachdeva 


I understand that this is an older thread, but we're having difficulties with this setting actually working.  We have the Follow in Inbox "Receive all email and events" checked as well as the "Send me a copy of email I send to a group" setting.  When emails are sent out to a Group, the sender still does not receive a copy in their Inbox.  Any recommendations?

@Ravin Sachdeva 


I found another scenario where the current option of allowing end-users to set "Follow in inbox" group email setting isn't enough. This is the case specifically when group members are guests of the group. The don't log into the tenant and don't have a mailbox local to the tenant. These users can NOT use the web interface or Outlook desktop client to enable the "Follow a group"/"Follow in inbox" rule.


I work with a county-wide educational cooperative made up of the three school districts in our county. I'm creating Office 365 groups (because that's the recommendation and it opens up some other possibilities as Microsoft in keen on reminding us of) instead of traditional Distribution Lists for several cross-district groups (Superintendents, Principals, Building Secretaries, Counselors, Nurses, etc, etc) so they can communicate easily among themselves and also others in the county can easily communicate with them as a group. Almost none of the members in these cases are homed in the base tenant. I have no way through the Admin Portal/Groups admin interface(s), or PowerShell to set this setting for these groups and their members. Again, makes me want to roll these back to traditional Distribution Lists.


Also, do appreciate Microsoft (seemingly) listening to us on this and in providing an option for end-users that are homed in the tenant of the group to set this themselves. But, we do need more than this to satisfy requirements of functionality for what we had with Distribution Lists.


As @Kreera House stated in her post on 3/3/2019, an admin needs to be able to set a group default, with options of letting end users change the setting if we want them to have that option, would be great!  

At this point, makes me want to go back to DLs! Hopefully it won't be an additional 3 years before we have a full solution!


Any update you might be able to give us on this? 




@Ravin Sachdeva Did this option to toggle whether sender receives their own messages ever get implemented? 
I can't find it anywhere. 

Any help you can offer would be appreciated. GUI? PowerShell? Anything.