You no longer receive messages sent to Office 365 'Groups' that you are a member of

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Seems like a very recent change but if you email a group that you are a member of you no longer get the message in your own inbox.


If others email the group you get the message so you are subscribed properly and I can confirm same issue against other groups.


You can see the mesage in your Sent Items and in the Group itself.


Looks like this changed mid this week.


Anyone have same issue?

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This should be a choose-able option.  Especially with e-mails sometimes languishing in Drafts after hitting send.

And FWIW, sometimes you want a group to send e-mails to, without a OneNote notebook and all that other teams junk.  Can we get that back?  Outlook is just getting worse!

I ran into an issue regarding use of a flow:  the flow sends an email to a group using my email account.  

Because I am a member of the group, I never see the email.  


yes, it looks like I sent it but its I still need to receive the message.


I'm also voting for a configurable option regarding this behavior. 

I would add this needs to be a configurable option. Users are upset that they have been "missing" emails. They were unaware they had another folder under groups.

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Update (7/25/2018):


Thanks for all your feedback and sharing your concerns. Our mission is to help you be more productive at your work, and some users complained about their workflows being affected with this change.


Based on the feedback we've seen from our users on this post, we are working on making this option configurable for our users. We are adding a switch which can be toggled by the user to start receiving their sent emails to Groups back in their inbox.


The exact details on how this setting can be used and the timeline for this change will be communicated soon. Thanks for your patience. 

Great to hear a fix is in the works, but will it require each user to manually change the setting?  Requesting that the setting can be enabled by an admin on a global or per-group basis.

Hi @Ravin Sachdeva,


Does Microsoft have any plans for enabling this option/adding the toggle to regular distribution lists? I work with a small team and it would be helpful to be able to have something like a staff@ distribution list, but it would definitely confuse my team to have a copy of their own emails appear in their inbox. (We all get enough emails as it is!) I don't want to create an Office 365 Group as that ends up creating unnecessary clutter. We would only use the list for sending emails and managing permissions for our SharePoint site (which is why I created it as a security enabled distribution list).


In the meantime: I know the current solution for this problem is to create rules for each account. Is there a way I can do that all at once as an admin, or would I need access to each person's Outlook/Exchange account?




Is there some way I can follow when this fix is implemented?

Can we get an update on this?  My customer, now on Office365 is very unhappy with Office365 Groups because it does not send the mail back to the sender.  Now we are forced between downgrading back to legacy Groups or living without this behavior.


We are working on getting this implemented and this is currently in our backlog. I will announce on this thread when we are ready to roll this feature out. Thanks for your patience, please bear with us for a bit.

We would not recommend to downgrade to using DLs only because of this feature and lose out on all the great benefits Modern Groups has to offer.

Yes, can we please get an update?


Two of my clients have asked that we downgrade nearly 200 groups from office365 to legacy groups because their workflow requires the CC message.  A lot of people are not happy that this feature didn't come in the form of an "option" to disable to maintain parity with legacy groups, and now it's going to cost us a lot of $/resources to downgrade. 



No offense, but this is over a year and a half old. "Bear with us" no longer applies. 

Hi Ravin,

any update on this ?

Sorry but we are still waiting for this for much more than "soon" and a "bit".

Hi Sachdeva, 


Since we've switched to Office 365 Groups we found out about this frustrating issue so I googled a fix and ran into this topic. I'm glad a fix is on the cards.... any update?


That's really really frustrating our users.... We are going to have to go back to DLs...

Hi folks,


We are coming up with a fix for this issue and coding it as we speak. I will get back on this thread when we are ready to release it to production customers. 


Thanks for your patience. 





CC: @Mingfeng Xiong

Thanks Ravin. 


At the moment I've switched to simple DL as I really need that feature to be working. Please reply to this thread as soon as you fix it.

Just ran into this issue today.  It seems to be delivered to Professional Plus 2013 Clients and not 2016 or 365 inboxes.


Any word on when the programming will be pushed out?

Any update on this? We have a lot of users that would like to have these emails go directly to their inbox