Yammer with Office 365 Groups - Calendar.


I was happy to see the Yammer/Office 365 Groups integration demonstrated in the Office 365 Groups Overview session at MSIgnite. Creating a Yammer group creates the Office 365 Group in Azure AD, a SharePoint Team Site, Document Library, Notebook and Planner. 

I understand that by creating the group from Yammer, we choose to use Yammer as our conversation experience for Office 365 Groups.

Are there any plans to add the Group Calendar to the Yammer experience? 

Cc @Christophe Fiessinger, , @Angus Florance

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Yes as mentioned in the blog post and at the Ignite session: "Subsequent phases will automatically migrate existing groups in Yammer, address remaining Office 365 tenants and deliver integration with Outlook Calendar "

Adrienne Trudeau has an awesome demo of how Yammer & Groups will play together. Goes for about 15 mins.  Highly recommend you watch the entire video, but to save you the trouble, I've skipped directly to the demo part. ;) 


You're right @Angus Florance, that was a pretty sweet demo. Sorry for the questions guys. I'm still catching up with content from Ignite. It's so good to see that the sessions answered  a lot of these questions. 

When will this be available?

In that blog post it says: "To avoid fragmenting team conversations, Office 365 Groups will provide either conversations in Yammer or conversations in Outlook. Office 365 Groups created in Yammer will have conversations in Yammer. Office 365 Groups created elsewhere in the suite will have conversations in Outlook."

As I'm still waiting for the integration to hit my First Release enabled tenant I want to create a Group for a team to share files and OneNote, but also want conversations in Yammer. So what is the best practice in the interim? Do I:
- Create a separate O365 Group and Yammer group with the same name?
- Create an O365 Group and don't create a Yammer group so they will integrate later? (although by the paragraph above it seems to indicate that conversations will be in Outlook - does that mean they will *stay* in Outlook?)


I'll let @Angus Florance comment

Thanks, I'll wait until he responds.

@Angus Florance I'll be waiting by my Windows mobile device for you. ;)

Initially it's only going to be new Yammer groups that get this integration, but we will automatically connect all existing Yammer groups over time. So for you specific example, you have two options in you want to use Yammer as the conversation for the group.

1 - Wait until we turn on the Wave one integrations (this will happen before the end of the year) and then when you create the group in Yammer, it will spin up all the O365 Group resources for you, OR,

2- Start the Yammer group now, and then wait for us to connect it up for you (first half of next year). . We can't wire them up against existing team sites.
Ok. So just to clarify if I set up an O365 Group now - it won't be connected to a Yammer group when this functionality rolls out?
Or will there be a way to do it via PowerShell/web UI/Service Request down the track?
In the scenario I'm thinking of the sharing of files and OneNote are of higher priority than conversations, but it would be preferred to switch conversations to Yammer if possible.

I'm guessing that's not an uncommon scenario where customers have set up O365 Groups and will want to switch to Yammer for conversations.

This is helpful, @Angus Florance. Has Phase 1 rolled out yet? We still don't see it in our tenant.


Not yet. Should be this month. 

Great! Will there be an announcement to look out for prior to roll out?

This month or maybe next month? We are end of February, how log do we have to wait?

When will Yammer group calendars be available?

I am also waiting for this...


I would REALLY like the possibility to have a calendar connected to the yammer provisioned office 365 group.


It feels strange not to have it since there's no conflict of where the calendar resides. It's obviously exchange connected.