Wrong Group title on SharePoint and OneDrive page

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When I visit the SharePoint homepage or my OneDrive they show 'Home' instead of the name/title of the Group.

Within Email the Group titles are shown correctly. Is this a known bug? Or a way to fix this?


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I have this too on my dev tenant. I see Home.aspx

Hi there - to help investigate, would you mind pasting the site URL for one of the example sites that show up as 'Home' in OneDrive left nav or SharePoint home?


Another question - are you seeing 'Home' as the title when you navigate to the site directly as well?




Microsoft has changed the information that is displayed in OneDrive so you can see not only Groups but also other SPO sites exposed by the Microsoft Graph...it might happen this "Home" item is a regular team site and not a Group


Here is a screenshot and the URL







The site URL go to the Group's site collection, for example:



I don't see the title 'Home' when I navigate to the Group directly. Then I see the Group Name on top. 


Only the start page is '/SitePages/Home.aspx', which has title 'Home' in the SitePages library. But I don't see 'Home' when I navigatie to the startpage itself. 


Group Wrong Name.png


Nope, it's the Group for sure. See screenshot below. On the left I see 'Home'. But when I click on it, it shows the documents in the Group and the correct Title on top.


Group Wrong Name 2.png

Does anyone has an update on this? Is this a known issue or a way to fix this issue? @Tejas Mehta@Benoit Fournier?

Same issue here on a production tenant. 


All groups (as shown in screenshot, indicated by the word "Group") shows "Home" as their title. Really unclear for end-users and confusing! 



Same problem. Has anyone solved this?

Hi all - we've been unable to reproduce this behavior.  If you are still experiencing the issue, please open a support ticket and we'll be able to investigate further.




Haven't tried yet but saw this possible solution 

Managed Property Mix-up