Why not merge groups and sharepoint mobile apps?

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@krishGali and @LanaO'brien and @Christopher and any others: there are features which are nice about both the iOS apps for sp and groups. There is also redundancy. I'm having trouble explaining to users that they go to one app for conversations and the other for files. Is there any plan to create a single app or reduce redundancy?
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More specifically, my issue is that I/other users cannot invite someone to edit a document using the groups app. We need to use the sharepoint iOS app to do so. Generally the groups app is better except for this. Most users don't look at links or news in the SP app so other than surfacing info about latest fils edits and allowing for sharing, it does little more for us

I totally agree with your suggestion and I have asked this to @Mark Kashman at least a couple of times 

There is already talk from product managers about getting rid of the Groups apps. Especially since it's name is Outlooks Groups and the main focus is one the outlook messaging part (and the calendar). All other parts are better implemented in their relative apps (e.g. OneDrive for Files).

with the caveat, there will always be sharepoint sites that dont have / need Group features, so in order to merge the apps, they are gonna have to be able to account which sites have groups, which groups have sites, which sites dont need groups, etc.

of course getting rid of one app goes in the face of "we like to give our users choices" argument :)