Why do group sharepoint sites have a deny policy set for "Add and Customize Pages" ?


The SharePoint site of an o365 group has a deny policy for "Add and Customize Pages" (DenyAddAndCustomizePages) which cannot be changed using CSOM or powershell.

What is the purpose of that? MS was always talking about groups getting a full blown sharepoint site. But right now, you can't do much with this site. Limited permissions, limited customization options...and the modern page with limited possibilities....that is just not going to cut it.

Are there any plans that this will change in the future?

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Hi Oliver,


I think this is gonna be changed later as they are still rolling out new functionality.

Well, I guess MS does not like customizations and successfull customers anymore.




So to summarize: All you can customize is setting a custom color and manually add custom SPFX WebParts.

I would be very suprised if customers would still stick to the public cloud if microsoft continues this strategy.