Why are Group calendar invites retained in the mailbox?

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We are piloting the use of a Group calendar to track employee time off requests in our department.  When adding an event to the Group calendar, an invite is sent to the Group mailbox, as well as to every member of the Group.  Even though the event is added to the calendar automatically (not awaiting an RSVP from the Group), the invite stays in the Group mailbox permanently.  I can manually delete the invite from the mailbox, but this seems like something that shouldn't be necessary.


Why is the invite sent to the Group mailbox at all, when the appointment is created directly on the Group calendar?  Is it just because sending the invite to the group generates copies that go to each member?


I would expect that since the event is already added to the calendar, the invites would be deleted from the group mailbox automatically, similar to how an invite in my personal mailbox is deleted automatically once I RSVP to it.  Is there any reason to retain the invites in the group mailbox once they arrive?  

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Well the event can be added tentatively for example, plus this is a client-side setting, not something that's configured on the mailbox.


Why dont you simply use a Resource mailbox, where you can configure the Calendar processing options to delete the message and all the other goodies?

We already have the Office 365 Group for our department, and use the shared notebook, files, and email.  Using the Group calendar seems to be the logical choice, rather than creating a seperate resource mailbox.  



I have a similar question I think. Is there anyway to add something to O365 Group shared calendar and not to the person's calendar that created item? Instead of sending invite I would imagine just creating it directly in the calendar? Am I missing something? We want to use the calendar to track substitutes but not have items on personal calendars. We did it with Public Folder Calendar before and are trying to transition off.

FWIW, this was just posted on the Roadmap:


Outlook for Windows: Create appointments on Group calendars
Items added to a Group calendar will now act as Appointments by default, rather than Meetings. Appointments will appear on the calendar, but will not notifying all group members (i.e. send invites to their personal mailboxes). The user will have the option during event creation to check a box to notify the group members.