Where is the iPad version of the Outlook Groups app?


I'm a project manager that is working with user adoption of Office 365 and have a department that wants to use a Office 365 Group for File Sharing with their Sales Team.  They are using iPads with the ios 10 - but there doesn't seem to be an iPad version of the Outlook Groups app, only an iphone version.  Is that correct?


I did a search about this on the Microsoft site and saw a reference to a conversation back in May of this year that it wasn't released yet.  Any news anyone can share with me on when this will be available?  


Thanks for any information you could provide.

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AFAIK, you can only work with Groups in an iPad using OWA

Well that's unfortunate.  Do you know why, or if there is a plan for having an app in the version?

Ask this question next week. You never know what might happen at Ignite. Conferences have a habit of bringing out the best in terms of announcements...

@Tony Redmond you are my new favorite person!  I was hoping that there would be some information next week!  I'm so sad that I'm not going to Ignite - but will be waiting to hear all the announcements!


Thanks for the response.

Hold on. Before you give me so much love, let me say that a) I don't know anything for fact and b) I am speculating that something will happen at Ignite. But then again, I have been known to be right before. At least once.

Understand - but I'm really hoping you're right.

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Hi Jill, I am the PM driving the mobile apps for Groups. We are working on Outlook Groups on iPad, and it will be available very soon. I will be at Ignite, so find me at one of the sessions or at the Office 365 Groups booth. It will be good to discuss the scenarios users in your org. are trying to accomplish on the iPad more deeply so we can build the right solutions. 



So Tony was, as expected, absolutely right :-). I will definitively test this App on my iPad, so I cannot wait to have on my hands ^-^

If you fire enough arrows, you might eventually hit the target... or


If you speculate enough about Outlook Groups for iPad, eventually Microsoft will build the app...

Hi Krish,

Was it released temporarily at all? I have an Org that are 100% Groups users (50-100 users) rather than any SP Team Site scenarios currently and I'm sure some of them have the iOS Outlook Groups App.

The confusion came that I could no longer find it on the Apps store when I tried to install it on a new test device at the office.

Could you advise what the best method on iOS currently is for users to work with their groups? Outlook for Email and OneDrive for Files I am assuming though I'm not even sure if OneDrive App supports Groups at this time.

Thanks @Krish Gali for your response.  Unfortunately I don't get to attend Ignite so won't be able meet you.  I would have loved to sit down and talk about scenarios!

Tony, I think you mean - if you ask us enough times, we will build it :).
Would love to hear your feedback Juan when you get a chance to play with it.
Hi Antony,
Outlook Groups app was never listed in the iPad store. However, we are seeing a lot of our mobile users are using the iPhone Groups app on their iPad. The iPhone app doesn't work very well on the iPad since it runs in phone mode, hence everything is small and its hard to use. Currently that is the option to engage deeply with groups on the iPad, but soon the native iPad app will be released which will make a huge difference in being productive on that device.
Jill - I sent you a message. Lets chat on the phone.
Available today :)

Looks like it:


•iPad: You have been asking for it, and now you can get the iPad Outlook Groups app from the iPad store that gives the best iPad experience to make you more productive and engage with your groups more effectively.