When can I expect Yammer integration to be available?

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Is there any timeline for the rollout of Yammer and Groups integration? Our release preference is set to First release for everyone. I had actually assumed that meant I would have access to the new Yammer integration by now. We're getting ready to setup a bunch of new groups, and would really like to use Yammer. But, we really can't afford to wait more than maybe a few weeks. Thanks for any info!

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AFAIK this integration will start coming at the end of the year
Thanks! Wish it could be sooner though. :)
Yeap, but things has to go at its pace!

Just wondering if there are any more firm timeline updates on the availability of the Yammer/Groups integration. We're setup for First Release. Thanks!

Like @Edward Lee, I am also really looking forward to this rollout.


On that note, in advance: Here's a big "thank you" to the Yammer and Office 365 Groups teams for making this integration happen.


One of my historical frustrations with Office 365 is how siloed each of the apps are, often overlapping one-another in part, while failing to provide a single, integrated environment. This makes perfect sense given the legacy of on-premise servers each of these apps came from, but it can nonetheless make for some difficult business decisions in terms of how to fully utilize Office 365. 


Office 365 Groups is showing promise of mitigating that by bridging the collaboration gap between various apps, and is a very welcome feature. 



Once it does start rolling out, what will be the telltale signs? In other words, how will I know that the integration has happened?

@tony-derricott: The left-rail of the groups feed will include the "Office 365 Resources" section:






Will this appear for existing groups, or just new groups?

I just this was announced in the admn center this week. Says coming in January now, instead of the end of the year. Bummer about the delay.