What resources are provisioned when I create a new group from Teams/outlook/Planner/Yammer/etc?

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Does anyone know of a good resource that describes exactly which resources are provisioned when a new Group is created in Teams vs. Outlook. vs. SharePoint vs. Planner. vs Yammer (etc)?

For example, most methods to create a new group include the shared Outlook Calendar, except when it's created in Microsoft Teams. So if the calendar is important to me, I should create my group in Outlook and then attach a new Team to it.

I'm curious to know what other little inconsistencies are out there, but documentation is either completely missing or outdated.

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@Vasil Michevthanks but I've already gone through that documentation and it doesn't provide the level of detail I'm looking for.


For example, Office hides the shared Calendar for Groups created via Microsoft Teams which then cannot be reveled without some PowerShell wizardry. However, I can't find this detailed anywhere in Microsoft's documentation. 

Hi @AlexH980 ,


MVP Matt Wade created some cool infographics you can take a look here https://www.jumpto365.com/infographics/everyday-guide-to-office-365-groups.

They are pretty detailed but good visualized, maybe that helps you!