We’re making some changes to the Office 365 group creation process


FYI we announced the following via Message Center today:


We’re making some changes to the Office 365 group creation process
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Published On : August 1, 2018
We are simplifying the group creation workflow for Office 365 groups. We’ll begin rolling this change out soon.

How does this affect me?
After this change takes place, you will no longer have the option to change the welcome email language when creating groups. Additionally, options to send copies of group conversations and events to group members’ inboxes and to let people outside the organization email the group will only be adjustable after a group is created.

We’ll begin gradually rolling this update out to Targeted Release organizations starting today, and we anticipate worldwide rollout completion by the end of August.

This update is not yet being made available to sovereign cloud organizations in BlackForest, GCC, GCC High, and Gallatin.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You do not need to do anything to prepare for this change.
To learn more about Office 365 Groups, please click Additional Information below.
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How do I "Stay Informed" or find "Additional Information"?

Tony please go the Message Center (Admin > Health) for more details and links

Hi @Christophe Fiessinger 


Since we can now set the language of a SharePoint Team site at the time of creation, this is our preferred way of provisioning groups. However, this language information is not passed to the mailbox creation process.


@Mark Kashman answered me that it should flow through but @Sean Squires said it would not for now :(


What would be the best way to have the Outlook welcome message in French when the default tenant language is English? 


If I scipt an update of the language right after creation of the site, will the welcome message be in the proper language?


If yes, can I invoke a Flow to do that and is there a connector for that?