we can not migrate security group to office 365 group

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We are looking to start a pilot of using Office 365 groups in our organisation.  All of our groups in outlook are 'Group Type: security groups.


The option to 'migrate to office 365 group' is grayed out.  We can create a office365 group but we'd prefer to start and continue by migrating the security groups to Office365 groups.


I contacted microsoft support but I don't know if I made our need clear and I was told something like 'this feature is not yet available on your system'.


the icon is there.  we can create office365 groups just not migrate the security groups.


I am not really a trained admin for exchange yet, I'm learning and looking and I've got stuck.

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Hi Duncan - we had to recreate ours as Group Type = Distribution.  We tried switching the group type, but something about the manner in which the groups are created (security vs. distribution) still prevented this from working.  Since re-creating our groups and creating all new ones as Distribution, we've have no issues.  Hope that helps.

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AFAIK it's not currently possible to migrate security groups to Office 365 groups

Only Distribution Lists can be migrated to Groups, at the moment.

Also adding a security group to a Group is not supported at the moment. Please give a look to this thread: