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How does a team member use SharePoint - no uploads, no changes, just using the program to get see information.

Is there a directory?  Index?  How do you easily find the information you are looking for.

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@Budmorgan33060  I hope you are looking for a solution to manage this in SharePoint.  In that case, you can manage rights in SharePoint using Permissions. Either you can define a custom permission or make use of existing ones.  In case you wish to apply it on a site level, Visitor group is something you can explore, else if it is related to a specific Library - you have Restricted View, which will disable the user to even download any file in the Library.


Thank for the reply Rahul,

But I don't want to manage anything.  I only want to be able to find information that has been previously uploaded into the program


Hi Bryant,

I called the number and it is a billable support number.


How can MS have a program that does not have a end user operation manual?


I just want to know how to find information that has been uploaded into the program.