Using a Group to organize a team of internals and guests

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Was hoping that Groups would help me organize a team of internal and externals (Guests) But reviewing the recently released documentation, I wonder if too many features are disabled for practical use. Specifically - Will any of the disable social features (like, @mention) follow in the future? - Unable to view group calendar - could the calendar be published using a different mechanism? - View and edit group files - if this is only by link or attachment, then will guests not be able to browse the files they have access to? It seems like embedded files in the shared OneNote would still be an easier approach to content sharing. - Assume we can edit the welcome email template (logo, text) but that is not mentioned in the documentation. Is there another mechanism that might work better?
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My two cents here:
- AFAIK, mention with @ is not disabled....where did you read that?
- Where do you want to see Group Calendar? It's working from the can access to the calendar using OWA or Outlook (for Windows), or using the mobile App (new feature).
- View and Edit Group Files: what problems are you seeing?
- Welcome e-mail in Groups cannot be edited.
Fially, external guests is still not released to Groups
Yes, I know but as I said, it's not ready yet