Upcoming Team Site and Office 365 Group association

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Given that documents stored in an Office 365 Group "Files" doc lib would appear to be located in a /sites site collection I wonder is it safe to assume that the upcoming Team Site enabled 365 Groups will be located there ?


I'm trying to figure out if I should bother creating Team Sites currently for a new deployment given this impending change and wait to see how 365 Groups & Team Sites will be aligned.

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This was answered on Yammer, but yes, the group sites do, and will continue to exist in the /sites/ path.

Can one specify a different location based on the type of group e.g. clients and suppliers? We want to keep all client geoups in sites\clients\[group] ando supplier groups in sites\suppliers\[group]. It would also make sense to split actual clients from prospective clients.
So no, all groups go under the sites path, just like everything else in SharePoint Online.

Not true, you have a choice of /teams or /sites when it comes to creating a new site collection

Similar boat here Ian, I need Content Types and Site Columns for Document Management though?? What to do, What to do?

Hi -

Can you please roll it out to me? I am on the Office 365 Business Essentials. Thanks!

It doesn't work on that cannot ask for a custom rollout of an Office 365 feature

How about a rollout to all Office 365 Business Essential users/lisences?