Unable to set Classification on Group creation but can set on Edit


Our team has enabled the classification levels for groups but we have found that the option to set the classification is not available when creating the Group through OWA.  But we can see it when Editing a group.  This doesn't make sense to me that it can't be set on create by the user.  Is this a bug or desired behaviour?  If desired behaviour then why?


Thanks, Bruce...


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I can confirm that I have the same way of work with my Groups settings: I can add a classification value when editing the group...but not when creating it. However, If I create a modern team site attached to a group I can choose a classification level from there. Adding @Christophe Fiessinger so he can comment on this and point to the right people and information
This is a limitation we are planning to address. We will also add the ability to set a default classification for all new groups. Please stay tune.

Is there any update on this?