Unable to delete Access Web App in Office 365 Group


Recently, I came across an issue where one of our users published an Access Web App to a Office 365 Group, which needed to be deleted. Since some of the menu options redirect to files page, I learned that you can access the Office 365 Groups SharePoint Site Contents page by adding a query string ?noredirect=true to the URL of menu options.


Aside from raising support ticket to Microsoft, has anyone come across this issue before where the O365 Group owner can delete the Access web app?


In my search, I have documented some useful URLS in my blog.



Office 365 Group Settings OptionsOffice 365 Group Settings Options

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I see you have the new UI for the Group and I have experience some weird problems with Add-ins when accessing to them from the new UI so it could be related. On the other hand, it's the first time I hear someone trying to add an App / Add-in to Group Files...As you now, Groups will be part of the new modern team sites and we will be able to add App or Add-ins but I'm not so sure that's the case with current Groups
Thanks for quick reply Juan Carlos.

I was amazed when i heard and saw it for first time too! From a business user perspective it is a collaboration facility and since the user's team are heavily using Groups, they decided to publish one of the key Access database to the Office 365 Group because it prompted the user to enter URL of site!

Yes I am very much looking forward to the new modern team site.