Team Calendars based on Organisation Setup Display in Outlook Desktop 2016

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I hope someone can help my ignorance with respect this "feature" that has appeared in my organisations Outlook Desktop Client (version 1809).

Users now appear to have access to two "Team: Name Here" style calendars based on our AD Organisation data.  The first listed Calendar displays Team: My Name and the calendars for my immediate team (ie those who report to me), the second listed Calendar displays the calendars for my immediate supervisor and peers.


An urgent problem for my organisation is that these calendars don't seem to abide by the normal Outlook permissions for viewable appointments - ie - we can see all of supervisors appointment titles - while the calendars of our peers display "Busy" or similar.


Any clues as to what I call this new? feature - and how I can control the permissions on supervisors calendars?

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It's hardly new, has been around for years. You can disable it via Calendar groups -> Show manager's Team Calendars and Show Team Calendars. And yes, it's based on the data from AD, namely the managerial relationships. It doesn't configure any permissions, simply adds "shortcuts" to the calendars.

The users themselves can change the permissions what people see in own calendars! Or it can be changed with powershell by admins

Thanks @Vasil Michev and @adam deltinger.  Yes, we have put a lot of time into building our Org structure to better utilise the Delve "Me" experience - hence the Team: Calendars - and I must admit it is a nice feature seeing your organisational teams - upwards and downwards.


We have identified the visibility issue as a user invoked setting - having assigned the default permission as "editor".


Thanks for your quick response.