Some of us do not receive some emails in our inbox that are also cc'd to groups.

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With incoming emails addressed to myself and some of my colleagues, we sometimes just do not receive the email at all.  It can even be sent from someone in the organization to myself and have a group in cc and the only way I would know I should have received it in my inbox is when I see it in a group and clearly in the mail from the group it was assigned to me, and the group was just in cc.


This is happening almost daily at this stage, and it is extremely frustrating.  We have just moved over from Google Mail to Microsoft email and the company management is already asking for us to move back to Google Mail because of this issue as they are losing client deals.

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@Vasil Michev 

We managed to figure out the issue.  When we moved over to Exchange all the groups we setup that we had on Google Mail were duplicated in the inbox and in the groups, so rules were setup to move anything @group to the group and not duplicate it.  However, these rules also ensured if the group was cc'd that it would skip your inbox even if you are in the to: field.  We through the rules were limited to any receiver, but you need click on advanced to see more options like only if address in cc, like we are used to doing on Google Mail.