Sharing your calendar with an O365 group

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Hi, most questions I read were about sharing a calendar from an O365 group, but what about sharing with (members of) an O365 group?


Is it possible to share your personal Outlook calendar with an O365 group?


From what I understand to be the purpose of O365 groups, it should be possible, but we get an error when assigning an O365 group Calender Permissions.


The error message says: "One or more users cannot be added to the folder access list. Non-local users cannot be given rights on this server." 



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I think this is not possible, the calendar can be shared with security groups, but not to O365 Groups.

I thought the O365 groups are (or will become) the security groups in the cloud?

Has anyone got update to this?
I've done this with a PowerShell script but the shared calendars don't appear in Outlook on iOS or Android. This requires users to share their calendars manually and the user to accept an email invitation.