Sharing Office 365 Group Site with entire organisation

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Hi everyone, is anyone using Office 365 Groups Sites as "organisational site" eg: sharing the site only with "everyone" or "everyone except external users"?


If so are you seeing any downside to doing this as opposed to creating a site collection the old school way?



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Well, It you think about how Microsoft positions modern SPO Sites, then you can deduce you can use them as organizational sites...and when you create a modern SPO Site, you have a Group

the downsides are being decimated on a monthly basis. Previously Content Type Hub Syndication didn't work for Groups, this was a major pain point for us. 

But now I could imagine a scenario like that, especially with AAD Premium and dynmic Office 365 Group memberships.

A detail: in this scenario, which will be the Group Owners? And which the Members?