Share Office 365 Group files externally without enabling guest access

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I am trying to allow internal users to share files from their office 365 groups externally. They receive the error "Administrative policies don't allow sharing with people outside your organization."


I have checked all the settings and everything points to a user's ability to share externally. There are some sharepoint online site collections with less sharing permissions and office 365 groups cannot invite guest users.


My question is, how do I enable external sharing as the default for all office 365 groups? Can I enable sharing externally without enabling guest access?


I realise I can enable external sharing without guest access, by powershell script (-SharingCapability ExternalUserSharingOnly), but in this world of office 365 groups popping up everywhere I don't have the time to do this manually for every group!

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Well they just recently announced changes in the external sharing model for Groups. Until that happens though, your only option is to change the setting on per-group basis via PowerShell.