Set prefix and date for groups?

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To let everyone create groups in a Tenant (in our case over 40000 users) can be a big problem!  Blocking Group name and contoll if the group are in progress. For example we have many schools and classes in our Tenant and may be called the same, 7A, 7B etc.


Are there any plans that Microsoft is developing:


1. Ability to add multiple prefixes such as department, office etc. Adding multiple prefixes from Azure admin for Groups?

2. Forcing users to set an end date for the Group?


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Both naming conventions and Group expiration/lifecycle controls are planned and currently in the works. Here are the relevant items on the Roadmap:

And for now if might be enough for you to use the OWA Policy to control this since I assume your students will only create Groups from OWA, don't they?
We are a big local authority whit many schools and departments in the same Tenant and we can not allow students to create groups. We really need tools to administrate groups. Without several off prefix and forcing time limits to groups we will not able to open the possibility for several of departments to create any groups! We hope that MS going to release such solutions in nearly time.
I completely understand your scenario but coming back to my question: what are the options that your students have to create Groups in your tenant? If OWA is the only one, then you can use the OWA Policy for the naming requirments at least while Microsoft get ready the Azure AD Policy

Thanks for your response. I will have to check with our IT department for Exchange. You mean that we can use OWA atribut for prefix?