Sending mail as a group


I know I have seen this possibility somewhere... A user want to used the groupmailadress to send mail. Powershell?

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You need to set sendas permission for users to achieve this. Here is the PowerShell you can use.


Add-RecipientPermission -Identity <GroupName> -AccessRights SendAs -Trustee <Username> -Confirm:$false
Thanx Santhosh! And then, the second step? How can a user using his mailclient to mail from the group?

He would need to have access to it's from button where he can set from in case he mails from the group he needs to be in the group!

Great, I had to restart my Outlook client and now it is working.
Thanx Paul! I was just looking how to do this... ;-).

Note we are looking to enable SendAs for Groups in Outlook on the web in the future