Self Service End User - Bulk Upload Users to O365 Groups.

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Any tips/tricks to allow a "non admin" user to add members in bulk to newly created Office 365 Group?


Something simple like import from a csv that has a list of email addresses on each line. 


Does using add-azureadgroupmember or remove-azureadgroupmember cause any issue's or known limitations to manage Office 365 Group? If no known issues, a simple script that as an admin we could share it to users to read users from csv add it using using AzureADV2 PowerShell. 

End Users complain that they don't have option to add multiple users in a go, only option is to add one user at a time or use myapps to pick and choose each user (when self service group management is enabled).




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Well, how are you going to skip the fact that you will need an admin user to execute PS against Office 365? Bear in mind that you also have the EXO PS for working on groups

Not sure for the need of an admin user, the end user creates a O365 Group (using Outlook/OWA), he/she becomes the owner, connect to AzureAD V2 and add users into the group using add-azureadgroupmember. At least this works, no need for an EXO PS, tenant is set to allow all users to create O365 groups. 

Concern/question, is about using V2 cmdlets to manage Office 365 group members is correct approach or only to use EXO *-Unified* cmdlets. 


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Cmdlets work the same, they simply use different endpoints. I'd recommend using the ExO ones though, as they are much more "user friendly" compared to the GUID/JSON syntax we have to deal with most of the AAD ones. You will have to grant the user access to the Add-UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlet however, either by assigning him to the 'Mail recipients' role or creating a custom role. So maybe stick to the AAD module after all :)