Searching files in Office 365 Groups

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In the Outlook web interface, when I do a search within a group, I can search for the file title, but not content of the file. If I click browse library and go to SharePoint to search, things are fine which means the file has been indexed. Is this expected behaviour?


Also how do I search across all groups? I don't see a way to do it in the Outlook web interface. Thanks.

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Search in OWA is targeted to search across folders and contents you have accesible from OWA which is different staff from searching contents in Group sites

In other words, you can search within attachments stored in the "conversation" part of the Group, but if you want to search "all content" you get a disjoined experience.

To search file contents of a Group you can use the SharePoint home page (SharePoint tile i the app launcher). And as said, Outlook will search in what is has access to. Currently there is no unified search experience giving you results from all pieces of all groups at once.