Searching across Office 365 groups

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I know you can now easily search across Office 365 groups from within the Outlook 2016 client or within OWA, however my question relates to searching across both the mailbox and the Sharepoint site that is created as part of the group. Is this possible at all does anyone know and if not are there are any plans in the roadmap to provide a single point of search across the entire group that a business user could use (not eDiscovery etc.) ?


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My guess is that this information should be surfaced by Delve

The only current method that I know of to search the complete content (site, mailbox, and notebook) held for a group is a content search executed through the Security and Compliance Center. This does not take into account plan metadata belonging to a group or any team chats created in a team associated with a group, but content searches will find the other data. Of course, you can't have everyone going to the SCC to launch content searches, but I just wanted to point out that this is how you could do it.


The searches launched by OWA and Outlook focus on the content of group conversations, including any attachments within those conversations.