Retention policy and deleted group

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Hello there.

I do have a question regarding retention policies on o365 groups and what happens to it after deletion. As I was testing my group, I deleted it, I was able to see it as softdeleted via get-unifiedgroup but I couldn’t see it as inactive mailbox anywhere, couldn’t pull mailbox statistics as well. I wasn’t able to do content search as it couldn’t find it. Am I missing something here? I thought mailbox would be preserved after deletion - like shared or user mailbox.
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You won't "see" it, as it's not a "regular" mailbox, so it's not returned in the output of Get-Mailbox -InactiveMailboxOnly. It will however be preserved for the duration of the retention policy and can be searched via eDiscovery. Prefix the entry with . when performing an eDiscovery/Content search or just do a blank "include all" one.
Understood, even after 30 days, correct? Can I force deletion of o365 group from a recycle bin to test it out like I can with users?
You should be able to use Remove-AzureADMSDeletedDirectoryObject to speed the process up, yes. Either way, any group under retention will be preserved for the duration of the retention period.
Got it, will play around with it, either way thank you so much for confirmation and how to search them! I would never think I can’t search by name and have to search by email with a “.”.