Request response replies do not appear to be accessible when sending a meeting invite from a group?

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When sending a meeting invite from a Group Calendar, it appears that the Accept/Tentative/Decline responses from group members are 'silent' - meaning they do not go back to the group conversation folder or to the inbox of the user who created the meeting in the Group Calendar.


I realize you can click into the invite to see who accepted or declined but often we have users who choose 'Edit the Response Before Sending' and their assumption is that we'll get their message.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue or know of a workaround? Or maybe I'm missing something? TIA! 


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I recall @Brent Ellis having issues also with calendar invites in Groups

Hi Ed, 

Our engineering team is looking at this issue: custom responses for group events (from 'Edit the Response Before Sending') getting missed. Unfortunately, there's currently no workaround for this issue. 


Hi  @Maria Kang,


sorry for digging this out, but has there been any news about this?




Hi Carsten,


At this point we don't have any further news to share on this. Here's a Uservoice item that corresponds to the missing functionality--please vote provide additional feedback for us!

Hi Ethan,


that's unfortunate, but thanks for letting us know. I'll chime in into that user voice. :)




Sorry to resurrect an old thread but it's now 2022 and this still appears to be an issue. The linked User voice thread appears to have been removed.

Users will send edited responses to meeting invitations sent from an O365 group and these responses are nowhere to be found.

This is especially relevant to when recipients Decline a meeting and propose a new time. Their response instead shows as Tentative but the new time proposal is never received.
Our team is also interested in getting a status on this item. Any updates to share?