Renaming of O365 groups

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Hi all,


I tried to search to see if anyone had already asked, but did not find any answers.


Today, I renamed one of my O365 Groups, but found the experience to be underwhelming:

- No option to change the associated email address

- The OneDrive associated to the group does not get renamed, nor is there an option to do so


Are there any plans in the making to improve the remaning experience? Just renaming the group is likely to create confusion. I do understand the complexity of ensuring that a new email address, or OneDrive name is not already in use, but maybe offering the option to make the change manually, and thus have a check against existing names could work.


Thanks in advance for any information anyone can share.



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You would start with this command as noted above:
Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity <GroupName> -PrimarySMTPAddress <NewEmailAddress>

Then the correct command to remove the old address to free it up:
Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity <GroupName> -EmailAddresses @{remove=”<NewEmailAddress>”}

You can also rename the Alias:
Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity <GroupName> -Alias <NewAlias>

I'd imagine you could add your SPO record back with:
Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity <GroupName> -EmailAddresses @{add=”<SPO:SPO_*>”}
The SPO record has to do with SharePoint Online.

@Ivo Essenberg You can add a proxy address to the Unified Group /Office 365 Group and then set the new email address as the primary email address. This will change the email address associated with the group. This might not modify the URL of SPO although. 


  1. For this connect to EXO PowerShell and run the below command to add required SMTP as an alias. 
  2. Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "" -EmailAddresses: @{Add =""} where is the email address of the Office 365 group and is the required Email ID.
  3. Promote alias as a primary SMTP address, Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Test O365Group" -PrimarySmtpAddress ""
  4. If not required, you can remove the first ID using below command.  Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "" -EmailAddresses: @{Remove=""}

Please note, For updating the Office 365 group SMTP address required Global Administrator access.



I'm currently also looking into changing a office 365 group name. i'm aware of the powershell with the PrimarySmtpaddress paramiter. however, i'm also aware that this does not necessarily change the email address but sets the new defined email address as an alias. so my main question for clarity would be if i wear to run this command and add the new email address as an alias, will this change the default/display address of the group to the new email address? so the new email address displays as the default one but the onmicrosoft one is still in the background making everything work?


Thank you in advance for any assistance