"Before you create a Group..."

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There are several entry points where users can create O365 Groups.  This is great (we elect for the 'un-managed' journey into Teams and Office apps)... however - in a large enterprise, it results in a huge sprawl of unnecessary Groups.

The typical scenario:  User 1 creates a Teams team (with accompanying Group).  Colleague of User 1 does the same thing.  Then Manager of User 1 does it, too.

All the while, none of these users realized they should have linked their existing Group to the Teams team.  So, now we have 4 Groups, named with similar team titles, serving the same function.


To thwart this sprawl, we would like to see that users get prompted - when creating a group - with some signal that they are already a member of an existing O365 Group.  Ideally, giving them the option to first explore whatever app they are in, via that existing Group experience.


For example - if User 1, User 2, Manager, etc tries to add a Teams team - it would be nice to see a field presented, with something like "Before you create a Group... or... Did you know... you are already part of the following Groups..."  something to that effect.


And... it would be nice to see these signals across all apps that are entry points for O365 Groups.  So, same thing in Planner, Power BI, Outlook, etc.

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Well, as we have the necessary controls to restrict Group creation, you can certainly build your own provisioning process and add this "acknowledgement" as part of it. Although it will probably get annoying at some point, so maybe only surface this the first time the user is creating a Group?


@Christophe Fiessinger should be able to tell us if there's anything similar planned for the future.