Publish Office365 Group Calendar / View in Teams

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I am trying to figure out how to publish an Office365 Group calendar with the specific intent of displaying it in a much cleaner format within Microsoft Teams. Yes, I know the URL-hack to add a Website app/tab within a channel and see the calendar, but looking for something a bit simpler in terms of formatting. 


I found a few similar posts, but they were either quite old or not exactly relevant, I also know Microsoft is supposedly working on rolling out support for Group calendars in Teams, but just wondering what others are doing.

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The "hack" is your best option currently. While the new calendar experience Microsoft is working on is much closer to what we have in Outlook, it doesn't allow you to add other calendars, so you wont be able to leverage it for this scenario. Then again, by the time they release it publicly it might have such functionality :)

@Vasil Michevany news on when the new calendar to replace the current meetings with it's limitations will be available. Haven't seen much since March. Would be really useful to be able to schedule more than 2 weeks in advance.

Seems to be late for general release channels! Roadmap says rolling out early March 2019 but still not here!

The feature is making its way across the rings, should hit the GA client soon.