Private Group: Request to Join and Invite others

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Hello all,


When a user requests to join a group an email is sent to the owner(s) alerting them of the request.


Is it possible for the owner to see the pending requests anwhere within the group "members" section?


Also, is it expected behaviour that if a user is not a member of a private group thy can  "invite others" to that group?





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I don't any option for the group owners to check the pending requests as of today.

The Invite feature is detailed on the Roadmap:


Office 365 Groups: Invite To Join
We are introducing a new feature for group users to create an invite link for any group they are part of and share it with others. The invite link can be emailed or can be copied and pasted to any other channels. The users who click on this invite link will join the public group automatically and will join private groups on approval from group owners.This feature is available only on Outlook on Web.
When you as an owner get the notification, you can either press the quick action button to add the member (only available in OWA) or navigate to the Group members and add it manually. There is no "pending" list as far as I can tell.
An email is sent *every time* the user clicks on the link, so it's very easy to spam people with it. @Christophe Fiessinger you might want to do something about this.

Hi @Vasil Michev


Thanks for the info.


A pending list would be nice to see in the future.


And, yes, I can see the potential risk of spam to the owners espically if any user can invite to join any group type.



I don't 100% follow your last point, but the tenant admin can tweak the sharing settings. On the SharePoint service administration page (https://[tenant], click Sharing on the left.

Thanks @paulschaeflein,


It was in relation to users being able to invite others to Office 365 groups (not a sharepoint , not sure if you can control group invites from SP admin). Sorry if i'm not clear as I am still struggling with permissions etc.





The Sharing settings in the SharePoint admin center apply to the sharing/invite process for groups. Confusing, I know. ;)
Thanks Paul,

Within the SP admin which setting should I enable/disable to restrict users from having the ability of inviting others within the organization to groups?

Mmmm....IMHO we have on the one hand sharing options in SPO sites and on the other the possibility to users to request access to an Office 365 Groups that are different features, but SPO we have the access request feature that allows an administrator to see people requesting access to a site and the ability to approve or deny the access...but for an Office 365 Group we don't have this possibility

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks for the clarification.



so In Public Groups anyone can become a members (as long as they know how) is there a way to limit this in a Public group has anyone seen this before?