Prevent IM to an O365 Group

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We currently playing around with Groups. We had a new DL request for our internal on site tech support (genius bar) group. Figuerd this would be a perfect opportunity for Groups. An in-house distribution list with the added benefit of the group having a shared One Note, Site, etc.


Problem is everyone in house can also IM that entire group, and has started to now that they see it available in Skype. Is there any ability to disable IMing to a specific group? Or disable that group showing up as an option in Skype? I'm guessing no, but thought I'd ask here.

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You can hide the Group from the GAL I guess.

That would prevent other users from being able to email them though right? The ask is to be able to email that group but not IM it. I'm thinking thats not possible

They can email it just fine, if they know the address. But yes, not an ideal solution, but it's the only workaround I can think of.