PrefixSuffixNamingRequirement - Acceptable values?

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While setting up Office 365 Groups settings via Azure AD PowerShell, one of the values available to set is PrefixSuffixNamingRequirement - I tried multiple values for this settings key and it doesn't want to accept the value, and throws "Property PrefixSuffixNamingRequirement is invalid." exception.


I tried using a String value (as in the picture) or a boolean value for this, and it is still no go.


In addition, when I setup O365 Group Naming Policy in Exchange Admin console, it doesn't seem make any difference in this setting value. Seems not related just yet since AAD Naming policy enforcement isn't yet implemented.


It is quite a bit of a mistery... Anyone have additional information regarding to this Key/Value pair and what it needs to be?






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The settings you configure via the MsolSetting objects are stored in Azure AD and thus are different than the settings you configure via the Exhange Admin Center (or EO PowerShell). So it's normal for both types to not correlate.


As for the actual parameter, last time I tried it it had no effect at all. Though that was few weeks back, I suppose things might have changed by now. @Christophe Fiessinger will be happy to tell us "when it's ready" :)

Right. That's just about what I reported.
This is not ready and won't for another quarter, you can track status on our public roadmap
Thanks. Only reason I asked was, it was already on Std release tenant giving the impression that somehow, in someway it can accept values. I will circle back later on. ;)