Planner opens in different language from Teamsite

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if i open planner via the tile in the office 365 portal it opens planner in the browser language (in my case english).
then if i add the planner link into the site navigation of the teamsite by choosing the planner option, planner opens in always in german.
the default language in the site settings of the teamsite are german.
is there a way to open the planner in the browser language so that the user have the same behavior with each planner link?

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I'm afraid there is not such a way and this is an example of the many inconsistentes between workloads I'm regularly seeing in Office 365 in regards of localization

thanks for your answer.

so what can i do now? accept it, because there is less chance to change/fix it or should i open a ticket? how do you/others deal with issues like this?