Planner now available on Office 365 Groups OWA menu

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Access to Planner is now available from the Groups menu under More. I noticed a 401 error initially but this was resolved by accessing the Planner app via the waffle. The menu item then works as intended. I'm First Release Full Org.
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I don't have such access to Planner in Groups

Probably a slow rollout in FR. Still getting the 401 error until opening the group via the 'waffle' menu, then everything is fine. So we might be mid deployment still.

On first release and no Planner yet.

Some of our employees (including myself) have access to planner under the waffle and some don't.  However, eveyone seems to be able to get to Planner by accessing it directly.


Saw that there are several new functions in Planner today, including this. I don't get the 401 error (thankfully), the menu item takes me directly into the correct plan Board view.
Additionally, the ctrl+user avatar now highlights all tasks assigned to that user