Permission sync issue between SharePoint Site and Groups

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We have a situation where a newly add member (using Groups UI) to an Office 365 Group gets access denied when trying to access the SharePoint site although the member can access conversation and calendar items.


The access denied will go away eventually but this takes a unmesurable amount of time. Sometimes it's instant and sometimes it takes several hours!!


How  permisison work exactly between Office groups, Azure Ad and SharePoint. 




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When you add a member to a Group, this action has to propagate to all workloads.

This needs time, which amount, as you noted, is not predictable.

So, be patient: the change will eventually propagate to all workloads...

Salvatore is totally correct...the synchronization is not inmediate!
Yes but it needs to be deterministic. Just telling people, who are anxious to access some content, to "wait a while" really doesn't help. It would even help if there was somewhere to look (AD, SP?) so we as the person granting access could confidently now say - OK, go for it, it is now working. I rely on - is this the best place to show that the guest account is now active on SP?