Owners of a group are not able to deny requests to join group

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We recently set up a group in Office 365 and assigned members and owners. The owners have received requests to join the group, and in the request notification the owners are only able to approve the request; there is no deny option. 

Is there a setting we are missing or something with this?



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I see the Decline button just fine under Group settings -> Members. Are you perhaps referring to the email notification or something else altogether?


Hi Vasil - The owners of a particular group are not able to see the decline within the group settings, or in the email notifications. In both areas we are just seeing the option to approve. I'm just curious if this is something we need to update or change a setting on our end. It's just very strange. Thank you!

@Vasil Michev 

There's no setting that I can think of. You can always open a support case and report this.