Overlay a O365 Group Calendar in Sharepoint calendar

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Is there a way to overlay group calendar in a sharepoint team calendar?

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No, it's no...while it's true you should be able to overlay an Exchange Online calendar in a SharePoint Online one, this feature does not work what makes in practice that the same is going to happen with a Group calendar

Seems like such a basic miss!! my team wants to have a shared calendar, and why would it be so difficult to link it to the team sharepoint site?  Anyone else in the same boat?  Any workarounds?



This seems like quite a basic miss. I want the team who is responsible for resources to be able to book something using an overlay so that they can see what is available. Now I have to make them jump out to a non-teams/group site to do this.




I'm in full agreement. The whole point of Groups in O365 is supposed to make collaboration and teamwork easier. As far as I can see it you can:


1) Create a Group which then creates a Sharepoint Site

2) Create events in the Group's Calendar, but CANNOT import events from an xlsx or ics etc

3) Create a Sharepoint Group calendar in the Sharepoint Group's site, but this is a NOT the same as the Sharepoint Group's Calendar.

3) Get a headache from all of this and go and cry in the corner, cursing the people who came up with "Groups" and "Teams" without even considering the search term implications of such a naming policy.

I think what MS is trying to get people to do with team calendars is to use the O365 Groups Calendar (in Outlook). The overlay feature would require development on the legacy SharePoint Calendar list and it seems that MS isn't further developing the old SP Calendar.


There is a new web part to display Group Calendar events onto a Modern SharePoint page. So that is an indication of the future direction.