Outlook Web Access Groups Files - files missing

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I had a user who could not see a document which was in the library. Tracked it down to different views showing different number of documents - the issue is that the view from the Outlook Group:

https://outlook.office.com/owa/?realm=iasaoffice.org&exsvurl=1&ll-cc=1033&modurl=0&path=/group/msft@... does not render a tile or list entry for certain file extensions - in this case [very funny] it does not show a .msg file while the SharePoint view https://iasahome.sharepoint.com/sites/msft/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?id=%2Fsites%2Fmsft... shows the .msg file in the list of files.  SIde by side - look for Sign up for Certification.MSG




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David we don't show the following three file types: .msg, .url, .aspx in the new view.

We'll document this. to set proper expectations.

Sorry - we need equivalence across the different views, people don't read documentation :) And +1 for including them as OneDrive For Business syncs them locally and they show in File Explorer ...

We are experiencimng the same issue. Both views should show the same results, regardless of file extension.