Outlook Crashing when Selecting Groups

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Hey Team,

Has anyone seen this?


My Outlook works fine all day, every day, but i just noticed when i click on "Groups" and then click on a group to read the messages, my outlok crashes. It says "outlook is restarting" and it shuts down and opens back up. All is good until i clcik on the groups again.


Now my Office 365 account is a secondary account in outlook


Outlook version = 16.0.6965.2063 (deferred channel)




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Outlook crashes for me at random times on my SP4, clean build of Windows 10 and Office Pro Plus using the Current channel for monthly feature upgrades.
Yet on a different device, it performs steadily, still using the Current channel.
I do notice more crashes are triggered by opening Groups in Outlook 2016.
But this network is becoming a kind of forum, isn't it? ;)

Yes, I have the same problem. Same build of Office 2016 too (I'm on First Release for Deferred Channel).


The groups are showing up my Outlook favourites because I've marked those Planner plans as favourites. I'd rather they didn't show up in my Outlook favourites, to be honest. But either way, yes when I click on them Outlook crashes and restarts.


Edit: O365 mailbox is my primary (and only) mailbox in Outlook.

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Hm, that's a deja vu for me. It was happening few weeks back, updated and it was resolved. I'm on 6965.2069 currently, seems to work fine.

Thanks Vasil,
Updated to 6965.2066 and now it does not crash anymore.. Thanks for the heads up.

That's why this place rocks

Paul, it was crashing from the Favorites too

Confirmed - 6965.2066 build no longer crashes selecting Groups in Outlook favorites list.

One more confirmation - First Release for Deferred channel crashed every time I clicked on Groups. In Outlook Safe Mode it did not crash but it would hang up trying to open the group.
I updated to Current Channel and all is well again.