Outlook 365 group edit in Outlook 2016

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I created a group in Outlook 365 mainly for a shared calendar. I need to be able to edit preferences in Outlook 2016. When I try to do this it says "Cannot display the folder properties. The folder may have been deleted or the server where the folder is stored may be unavailable. Cannot display folder properties. You don't have appropriate permission to perform his operation."


I am not an expert in outlook, I am a student worker in an office at a university. I was trying to make a place where myself and the other two students could edit our schedules when necessary and then our boss could see who was supposed to be in. I need to edit permissions which I don't know how to do in Outlook 365 but know how to in Outlook 2016 (using the preferences box). I also have started using Outlook 2016 on the computer for most of my emails but I can't edit this calendar on 2016.

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You cannot edit permissions on a Group calendar, they are configured based on the group membership. In effect, each member of the group has equal permissions to all of its resources.