Option to stop sending group conversations to e-mail

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Whenever you reply to someones post in a group conversation the reply is sent to the group AND the users emailadress. This accumulates over time so if you have a conversation with many people involved, by the end you are basically just sending a regular e-mail to everyone PLUS the group.


You can bypass this by popping out the reply and manually removing the "to"-addresses until only the group e-mail remains. This is inconvenient and unneccessary additional work.


For me, the idea of a group conversation is to have the conversation in that group, not cluttering down ones regular inbox.


Am I missing some setting or is there simply no way around have a group conversation reply send the reply to every involved inbox as well?


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Well, the default action in the UI is "reply all", if you simply use Reply it should follow the behavior you want.

No, actually "reply" does the exact opposite of what I want to do.


If Person A initates a discussion in Group 1 and Person B chooses Reply instead of Reply all this means a message to Person A only. I want the default to be reply to the group only. 


The whole idea of a group conversation is lost if default is e-mail to individual persons instead of the group.