Open Office 365 Group site in SharePoint Designer 2013

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I am trying to open Office 365 Group site in SharePoint Designer 2013. But I getting error "403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN".

I already allow Allow users to run custom script on personal sites and Allow users to run custom script on self-service created sites Custom Script in SharePoint Admin.


I want to implement custom master page or custom look and feel in O365 Group site.


But still getting same error message when I trying to open Group Site in SharePoint Designer 2013.

Please suggest me, can I open Group Site in SharePoint Designer 2013?



















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First of all, please make sure you are aware of the latest guidance in customizing and branding modern team sites. Custom Master Pages in modern Team Sites are not supported and you should consider alternative approaches. The latest guidance is described in the article below.


Apart from this, maybe the information in below blog helps to get rid of the error:


Paul is absolutely correct here...the way to customize SPO in general has to be done avoiding to customize master pages using Designer or any other tool
Thanks Paul for sharing details information about modern Team Sites.

But still I am unable to open Office 365 group site in SharePoint Designer 2013.
If I opened other team site in same site collection then sites are opened properly in SharePoint Designer 2013.

I checked second link. But unable to resolved 403 FORBIDDEN error.I am global administrator of my SharePoint Online site.

Please share any Url or document related to 403 FORBIDDEN error.

After the SharePoint designer service pack 1 installation I was able to connect SharePoint Designer 2013 to Office 365 Group site.
Is this working fine and can connect with Group sites and their workflows? I can open other sites which listed in Admin center but not able to get Group sites in SPD 2013.

@akash anand Thank you Akash. You save a lot of my time :) SP1 for SPD 2013 really resolves this issue

I cant open squat.