Open Group conversation thread in a new Window (Outlook)

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We have lots of users who are using Outlook, and use the "reading pane" aligned to the bottom


Group conversations are a bit hard to digest this way, and they are asking if there is a way to open up in a new window.


If they get long emails, they typically like to just double click and open an email in a new window so they can maximize it and take it all in.


Is this possible with Group threads inside of the Outlook client?  Nothing I've seen will open it up in a new window.

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Hi Brent,

This is a very popular request and we are working on it this quarter. 





Just wondering if there is progress on this.




Still no progress?

@Krish Gali This apparently was implemented as I have users that have been using this feature, in fact they rely on it. They're using an Outlook add-in (Cirrus Insight) to add emails from Outlook to Salesforce. If a message is in the group folder they double click to open in a new window which exposes a Cirrus button to add the message to Salesforce. (the button doesn't appear in the reading pane, only in the separate message window.


This works as of Outlook ver 16.0.11425.20200. Unfortunately the latest Outlook breaks this functionality. In ver 16.0.11601.20130 double clicking a group message does nothing. Also, selecting a message and pressing enter (which also works in the older version) does nothing.


Is this an unintentional roll back in functionality (i.e. a bug) or was this functionality intentionally removed?

@Sri Ramya Mallipudi would be best able to answer the questions here.

@chrismcfarling If you'd like some help from our support team, we have chat available at

@Ethan Li
To be able to double klick to open an email in groups need to be addressed ASAP. Its unacceptable to remove this feature since most of our 900+ users want to be able to do this. Also most of our 900+ users does not want conversations in groups and want to view the emails in groups as separate emails.


I am using Office insider version 1904 (build 11514.20004), and to double klick an email in Groups was working fine until last week strange enough