Only allow Private groups

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Is anyone aware of a way to allow users to create groups, however to disable the public group option?   


I know of ways to switch them.   
I know of ways to disable creation as a whole or limit it to an OU.


In my scenerio I'd like to allow anyone to create groups, however if anyone wants one to be public they will have to submit a request to our team for approval.   


Anyone else doing something similar?   If so let me know. 


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AFAIK there is no currently a way to achieve this and Group owners will be able to change from public to private at any time they want

That is my take too.   I'm gonna set-up a process to help me track new groups and will powershell them back to being private.   



Unfortunately, the policy that controls group creation (in AAD) does not hold a setting to determine the default access type for a group. It certainly seems sensible if such a setting were to exist. Perhaps the guys from the development team who read this forum will note the suggestion and incorporate it into future planning.

What process did you create to track new groups?  We would also like the ability to lock down private groups.

Can't say my process Is overly elegant, but I have email notifications sent up in Admin center to send me an email when a new group is created.   


the link below/above is a nice piece of code, I'm going to play with that this afternoon to see how I might use that too.