Office365 Grouo not email the users?

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We have a Office365 group which has a email address and we thought that if someone emailed this group the email could be distributed to all the members (ie it worked like the old distribution lists) However when we email the group it doesn't forward on to the members.


It possible for a Office365 group to work like a DL or should we be using a DL?


The group is currently used as in MS Teams



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The members need to follow the group i outlook in order for them to recieve a copy in the inbox! As the group admin go to the group settings in outlook and choose to auto subscribe members! This can also be done by powershell!
Remember users can always unfollow the group themselves



As @adam deltinger mentioned, users can always unfollow the group themselves, so you can't always expect the mail send to all group members inbox. As a workaround, if the email sender adds "@group name" using @mention option in the email, the email is forced to go to user's inbox even if the user has selected not to "follow in inbox"


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